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The boxes around us

What are the boxes that you have tried to fit into?

I have often felt cornered in an mage of being brave, being strong, being adventurous.

I knew this always kind of weighted on me somehow without really comprehending why.

A few years ago I even started a graphic novel (yes to be finished) that was called “ I am not that strong”. Things has a way to come back to your attention in unexpected ways…This came back in my previous relationship where my ex boyfriend ended up being so focused on the “action side” of me that I never managed to shift our relationship to a more balanced energy. He seems to held the adventurous/climbing as my sole identity. He used to call me “beast” when climbing and I hated that. The whole thing did not felt like me and so not fitting to what climbing is to me and what I want out of it. This boxed me into only a small part of who I am and didn't allow my soft, relaxed and emotional side to fully come out.

What is just other people that were building that box around me?

Or did I also put myself in that box?

Let’s be honest, I like the action, strong side side of me. I love to be able to inspire people to be more daring, more brave and rise to their potential and lead the way.

But I also love the soft side, I know it also can have the power to be as inspiring and relatable, and it’s as much me that the “strong side”.

I have come to accept that I am not just a climber and an adventurer. That I am not just an illustrator and an artist, that I am not just a women, and (ex)architect. That I am more than the things I do, the gender I am and that no human will ever thrive if put in boxes. We are al made of yin and yang after all.

Let pop outside out boxes!!

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