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About bravery & adventures

Can you feel that in the world of adventure, there is a little bit of an image that is projected onto the people, man and woman that explore life through adventurous sports?

The image of the strong, the bravery, a very masculine energy, something where weakness is not often talked about, a world where you need to push through, at all costs.

It can be trill educating and enriching to open up this conversation and deconstruct that image of “you need to be brave for the outdoor sports” and make that space an exploration for all.

Going on adventures and going climbing is how I explore the full spectrum of emotions and life and it’s where it feel the most natural for me.

It comes to me easily.

I do not see myself as particularly brave or daring because I climb, go solo travelling or even solo backpacking/wild camping.

They are the things that makes me feels alive, that bring me the right level of challenge and rewards, where I can be scared, weak, strong and brave in the same time.

I went on a couple of multi days hikes last year in France (in the short window of time where we could travel), with my tent, food and water on my back, exploring the wonderful French Pyrenees. Such a hike is not coming with zero challenge but they are basically zero risks ( on the contrary of going trad climbing for example). Still, so many of my friends would tell me “ You are so brave I could never do that”!

I feel that the truth is each one of us has an area where they are strong, brave, and daring. Where they can explore life to the fullest. For some it might be work, relationship, hobbies, creative endeavours, etc… This is the beauty of the human tapestry and I find fascinating what makes people tick.

Give me the choice between hiking the PCT and give a talk in front of a thousand people and rest assured I will pick the first one!

In which area of you life people think you are brave?

What is your natural brave area of life?

What are the thing that scares you the most?

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