I am a multi disciplinary creative, artist and illustrator, exploring my passion for visual storytelling via various mediums, from illustrations, products or larger scale installations and murals. 

I love to transform concepts and stories into compelling visuals through creative collaborations .

My distinctive style translates as much in crisp black and white lines as well as bold and bright colourful creations.



"I go outdoors to explore inward".

My  personal work explorations and projects are mixing my strong connection to the outdoors as well as spiritual/ inward inspirations.


My love for climbing and the mountains is my medium to explore the connection within and the connection to others. My drawings and paintings are the expression of this exploration, as well as the feelings and the stories that comes with it.


​My Story

I have been a creative explorer since childhood. Scrambling every bit of rock and dipping under waves and doodling constantly as soon as i could hold a pencil.

I discovered climbing in my late twenties and my passion collided after a climbing accident. I drew a graphic novel out of this experience and never stopped drawing since. This led me to create a new career after a decade working in interior design and architecture.



2021  Landscapes at the BrickLane Gallery - 31st august-13th september, London, UK

2021   Roy's Art Fair 12-15th August at the Bargehouse in London, UK

2020    Exhibition at The London Climbing festival

2020    Exhibition at Harrowall and Canarywall, London, UK.

2019    Exhibition of "The Shape of Climbing" at Yonder, London, UK

2018    Exhibition of "The Outdoor Postcards" at The Castle Climbing Centre, London, UK.