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New year non-resolutions - About new experiences

An alternative to new year resolutions can be to think about the experiences you want to have.

You might not even need to change anything for it, but they can be your guidelines on how you want to feel, what person you want to be and how you want to grow.

Already a new experience ticked!

Since I experience itinerant hiking and after hearing an ex flatmate tales of itinerant skiing and backcountry skiing the idea of trying this discipline have been on the back of my mind. The concept of not using ski lifts and going up and down the snowy mountains via my own means appeals to me/ I enjoy doing thing in a self sufficient way and connect as simply and directly with nature as possible and ski touring feel like it embodies these concepts.

I have been put on ski since I was able able to walk and i was incredibly lucky to go skiing every year for a week in the Alps with my family. I turn to snowboard when I was a teenager _ it was so much more cool_ and love the intense focus that comes with going down the slopes at high speed, the cold wind on my face and the free feeling in my body.

I stopped going as an adult and only rekindled with it a couple of years ago for a short trip, which goal was to get comfy on the snowboard again in order to go off piste on the next trip.

Opportunities sometimes comes unannounced: due to a cancellation and multiple changes of plan, I found myself being able to join my friend in their chalets in the alps for a few days. And because of Covid, all the ski lifts are currently closed and the only possible way to ski is to ski tour!

So here is to my first ski tour/splitboard day, an easy beginner one, which was a great way to ease into it and demolish a few misconceptions I had of it. Experiences like this open a new door within and create a new path for more of it.

What are the experiences you want to have this year?

How are they going to feed your soul?

How they are going to make you grow?

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