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Into the unknown

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Ahem, yes the title might be from Frozen II. I love anime and I love a good Disney, and i am going to folly own this geeky side in me. Plus, you have to admit that these “kids movies” are actually full of nuggets of wisdom that speaks to everyone. The “Let it go” song of the first opus is a pretty powerful message that applies to every single human on the planet!

This second opus kicks off pretty much straight away with the theme of dealing with change. What better theme in these times where everything is so unsettled and everything seems to change everyday. What we can or cannot do in always in flux, and the future feels rather uncertain.

In the movie, after that theme is introduced, there is a voice appearing, the call to something different, a call which is as scary as appealing.

Can you resonate with the pull of wanting to keep in that familiar comfort zone whilst feeling the push to grow and dive into the unknown?

We might resist the change and ignore the voice, but no matter how much you try, it is calling and it very likely will not stop.

When actually listening to it and following it, the calling to the unknown becomes something exciting, something to thrive for, something to grow into.

The anxious feeling of resistance can suddenly switch into a joyous exalted dance, leaps and bounces once surrendering to the call of the unknown.

I have not listened properly to my calling for a really long time.

The call has been subtle and less subtle at times. There was several clear signs and always a subtle pull towards it, but it took me quite some time to recognise it and drop the resistance.

I was thinking that I needed more clarity, a vision of the final destination before following it.

I wanted to have a plan, a perfect spreadsheet of goals to achieve and a roadmap to get there before trusting it as the way for me.

But oh! Life is messy and it wants you to walk the path before handing you the map.

I had to admit to myself that until I dare making the first steps, I would not be able to see the following steps. I had to trust that as I moved forward the fog will start to clear up and clarity will slowly come as I committed to the path.

It is like driving on a mountains road, where you cannot really see what is behind the next turn. But you have to keep driving to have the next section of the road revealed and the next beautiful scenery unveiled to you.

When I decided to commit to the calling I did not have a “big” plan, and certainly not a big vision. Just the trust that it was time to listen to the call and trust it. That i will figure this out.

Three months in, it feels exactly like driving along that mountain road, things are evolving and revealing themselves bits by bits.

A lot of people think i am really brave to have left my corporate job and started following my dreams. This is the glamorous side of the coin.

Even once you commit to the path, the fear of the unknown does not really stops!

Everyday it takes me reminding myself to get excited by the possibilities rather than letting myself get scared by the uncertainty of it all.

Some day it works some days it doesn't work so well, but everyday is a little step on the road, ready to show me what behind the next turn!

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