Sunset for a new soul / Eternal Change #1

This is the first painting of my series called " Eternal change".

It explores the theme of change and permanence through mountains landscapes. The mountains and the detail of the rock are expressing the permanence, the grounding, the immobility of like, echoing something majestic and godlike in their eternal presence. something we can hold onto, ground ourselves in and rely on.

The skies are the ever changing landscape that constantly and subtly change at every second, shining light or bringing darkness, opening or closing, reactive to all conditions. the skies we appreciate the variety and beauty of but never hold onto, for its in their nature and their beauty to be always morphing in shapes and colours, to appear and disappear.

This is the perfect metaphor of the life balance between the grounding and the letting go, the certain and the uncertain, the permanence and the ever changing, the known and the unknown.

Mountains do seem like they are these immobile giants.

They are looking like they are not moving, still grounded sentinels but they are made of so many moving parts. They breathe, move, shed water and snow, throw rocks, collapse, avalanche, rock fall, every crevasse and cracks filled with life and slowly and subtly changing, at a geological time.

There is a mountain in us that change at every single moment, shedding cells, sweat, skin, waste, noticeable and less noticeable changes. Everyday we change but we do not noticed the change.

And then at every moment our insides changes, emotion, feelings are moving fast and through us, such as the moody skies, changing between light and darkness, clear openness or covered heaviness, between the storm and the calm.

"Sunset for a new soul"

You need to let something die

You need to throw away the layers that are on the way

You need to accept to let go of the unwanted part

To let the new rise above the surface

As sure as the sun has to die

In a big colourful splash

For the stars to shine

Preparing the next day

In their dark depth.

The second painting "sunrise of the soul" is underway and will be of the same format at this first one.

These painting will be on show at the Roy's art fair 2021.

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